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Connecting cloud accounts

You can see which cloud accounts you've already connected to Meta and connect new ones on the Integrations Page. (You can also access the Integrations Page by clicking your username on the top right of Meta's interface, selecting “Settings” from the dropdown menu, and heading to the Integrations tab.)

Under “Add Services”, select the cloud service you wish to connect. The cloud accounts you’ve already connected are listed under “My Services”.

Meta currently connects with:

  • Dropbox

  • Evernote

  • Gmail

  • Google Drive

  • Slack

  • Trello

If there’s a cloud service you’d like Meta to support, tweet @metasearch, shoot us an email at support@meta.sc, or let us know in Meta’s chat window. We prioritize the most highly-requested services, so be sure to give us your input!

Connecting multiple cloud accounts

But why stop at one account? Meta gives you the ability to connect multiple accounts from the same cloud service (e.g. two Google Drive accounts).

Google Accounts

To add a second Google account (Drive or Gmail), follow the instructions for connecting an account and select the service you’d like to connect. Since Google gives you the ability to be logged into multiple accounts at once, when you select either Gmail or Drive you’ll be prompted to select which Google account you’d like to connect. (Note: you must be logged into more than one Google account to see the screen prompting you to choose one. Otherwise, Meta will simply try to connect the Google account you’re currently logged into. Make sure you’re logged into all the Google accounts you’d like to connect before trying to connect them to Meta!)


When connect a Trello account to Meta, you’ll have the option to proceed with the Trello account you’re currently logged into (if you’re already logged in) or switch to a different Trello account.


When you connect a Slack account to Meta, you’ll have the option to select which team you’d like to connect. If you have more than one Slack account, however, you’ll have to make sure you’re signed into the desired account in your browser before connecting it to Meta.

Everything Else

If you’d like to connect multiple accounts of any other service (Dropbox, Evernote) you have to make sure you’re currently signed into the desired account before connecting it to Meta.