Meta is now Diffeo Cloud Search!

We’re excited to announce that Meta has been acquired by fellow Boston startup Diffeo! Diffeo, founded in 2012, is a research tool for analysts. Diffeo’s collaborative machine intelligence analyzes what you are writing in tools like OneNote, Word, Outlook, etc., and scours the deep web to recommend information you are missing - like your own personal research assistant!

Meta and Diffeo’s services complement each other well. With Meta, you can search your own content when you know what file you’re looking for; Diffeo discovers new information you didn’t even know you were missing and recommends it to you directly in the application you’re working in.

So what does this mean for Meta users?

Meta will become Diffeo Cloud Search. You’ll continue to get the same search experience you know and love, just with a different name. We believe this partnership will accelerate our development process and allow us to release features even more quickly. You can expect some exciting new things coming soon!

Thanks for being loyal Meta users and for helping us improve Meta with all of your awesome feedback. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!